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Welcome to
Horvat Family Foundation


Founded in 2002 by Slovenian businessman and philanthropist, Darko Horvat, the Horvat Family Foundation is grounded in the ethos that every individual is significant and part of a shared global community. Inspired by the challenges faced by his local community during his upbringing, Darko committed to addressing issues related to social affairs, financial hardship, and limited education access for vulnerable groups.


The foundation offers financial assistance and support, including scholarships, to underprivileged children, adolescents, and parents whilst supporting institutions and projects focusing on social welfare and education for disadvantaged youth.




Social Welfare



for disadvantaged youth

With a “take action” approach, the foundation provides support for multiple institutions, charities and facilities from youth centres to safehouses around Maribor, Slovenia and its surroundings. Organisations help children and young people in a number of ways, including support for those with learning, emotional and behavioural needs, as well as creating a framework to help those who have been the victims of domestic abuse and violence.


The Horvat Family Foundation's goal is to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those facing adversity.

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