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Organizations & Institutions

The Horvat Family Foundation has initiated, founded, and built steady relationships with a number of institutions, organisations and educational facilities, continuing the “Take Action” approach to help real people in need.

Young Family

Empowering Families to “Take Action”

The foundation offers direct “Take Action” philosophy with support provided to specific families. The Horvat Family Foundation operates with the goal of guiding individuals and families from vulnerable backgrounds towards self-sufficiency.


Since the inception of the Horvat Family Foundation, numerous families have received valuable assistance and found solutions to help them embrace newfound independence, enriched by positive life experiences.


School Projects

The foundation supports a number of projects providing psychosocial support, educational programmes, funding for school meals and medical care, working with social work centres and public social welfare institutions.

Primary School Project

A warm meal from a school canteen for many is something that is taken for granted and never even questioned, but for many families from underprivileged backgrounds it’s an expense that can reach outside their budget.


The Horvat Family Foundation works with primary schools in and around Maribor, Štajerska and Podravje who apply on behalf of specific students, to ensure that they are able to have school lunches every day.


Other basic necessities can also be provided, including schoolbooks and supplies, year-round transportation to and from school, and funding for educational and sports activities. No child should miss out on their school experience because of circumstance.

Secondary School Project

Support from the Horvat Family Foundation has been designed to aid specific secondary school students whose families face financial hardship. Assistance is provided for necessities which go beyond basic state provisions for those in the regions of Maribor, Štajerska and Podravje.


This includes students who need to be accommodated in school dormitories, as well as year-round transportation. Moreover, we extend aid to young individuals participating in extracurricular activities, recognising their importance in fostering social skills, self-esteem, and overall progress.


Our goal is to ensure that all students have access to the equipment and resources they need to thrive in their secondary education journey and empower them to create a better future for themselves and their families.

School Kids

Organisations & Institutions

The Horvat Family Foundation has initiated, founded, and built steady relationships with a number of institutions, organisations and educational facilities, continuing the “Take Action” approach to help real people in need.


Materinski Dom Maribor (Maternity Home Maribor)

Horvat family foundation initiated and enabled the foundation of Materinski Dom Maribor in 2003 to offer sanctuary to mothers, pregnant women, and single women facing personal crises. Supported by the Ministry of Labour and local municipalities, it's the sole institution of its kind in Podravje.


Residents receive anonymous aid for up to a year, grappling with escalating challenges like evictions, homelessness, physical and psychological abuse and mental health issues. The foundation began providing essential assistance, including housing, workshops, and self-care initiatives since 2002, addressing their complex needs and fostering paths toward independent living.


Youth Home Maribor
(Now Professional Centre Mladinski Dom Maribor)

In 2003, the Horvat Family Foundation initiated a close collaboration with Mladinski Dom Maribor by donating a piece of property to create safe environments for children and young people aged eight to 18. An additional house was donated to the institution by the foundation, designated for those with emotional and behavioural challenges.


The foundation aims to foster a sense personal growth and positive self-image, while promoting mutual respect. Connections are maintained with the young people to encourage them to support others in the best way they can based on their strengths and abilities.


Maribor Counselling Centre for Victims of Violence and Abuse

The partnership with Materinski Dom Maribor extends to the Maribor Counselling programme for victims of violence and abuse. This initiative provides vital professional assistance to victims, aiding in trauma processing, skill development, and access to support services.


The foundation actively supports the programme financially and operationally, contributing to premises renovation, furnishing, and participating in various activities aimed at enhancing social skills and community support. This collaborative effort, essential for the city and region, underscores the Horvat Family Foundation's commitment to addressing the needs of vulnerable populations.


Collaboration with  II. Gimnazija Maribor

The Horvat Family Foundation has long been a key supporter of II. Maribor High School, fostering a fruitful partnership with Principal Ivan Lorenčič. Together, they encouraged creative collaborations with students, facilitating opportunities for international educational experiences.


Additionally, the foundation extends support to various institutions including Varna hiša Maribor, Youth Centers, and Associations for Nonviolent Communication.


These collaborations aim to enrich the educational and social landscape for children and young people across Slovenia.

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