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The Horvat Family Foundation is built on the value that every individual counts and that we all belong to the same world.


Since its inception in 2002, founder Darko Horvat’s vision has been to help individuals and families from vulnerable groups who were deprived of basic needs.


Darko Horvat grew up in Slovenia hearing about the challenges faced by members of his local community and vowed to show support with issues of social affairs, financial hardship and lack of access to education.

What We Do

The Horvat Family Foundation provides support to socially vulnerable children and adolescents, and their families, through financial aid, help with psychosocial issues and the purchase of necessary resources: clothing, food, medical equipment, school equipment, construction materials and more.


The foundation offers assistance in various areas and covers the socially vulnerable population, but most of it is intended for the payment of the basic living needs of the family, school lunches, school transport, workbooks and other school supplies, various educations where young people can gain self-esteem, maintenance fees in student dormitories as guaranteeing the possibility of further education and other assistance depending on the type of problem and hardship of the individual or family.


The Horvat Family Foundation also financially supports individual projects in public educational institutions and public social welfare programs.


Initial projects began with the purchase of two properties in Slovenia in 2003. Geographically, the foundation was focused on the Slovenian provinces of Štajerska, Pomurje and Carinthia. The first house facilitates the Youth Center Maribor, the second is used as a maternity home, Materinski dom Maribor. Both houses were donated to the operators free of rent.

Our Goals

The goal of the foundation is to continue to support educational projects and social welfare programmes, to raise awareness of the complex situation faced by many of today’s children, young people and their families, and to tailor necessary support according to their specific needs.



Additionally, the foundation supports educational and welfare programmes to help develop social skills and strengthen the social network of less fortunate students.


Making a difference

In the years since its inception, the foundation has been able to provide significant amounts of aid to thousands of socially endangered individuals and families from vulnerable groups, as well as psychosocial and educational projects.


A personal touch when engaging with our families is a fundamental aspect of our work, ensuring to meet everyone on a level playing field with understanding and compassion. This individual approach and ethical point of view is the foundation of the Horvat Family Foundation’s mission, building connection and cooperation with vulnerable families and providing them with the necessary tools to empower them to create a better future.


Throughout its years of operation, the Horvat Family Foundation has provided support for over 500 children, young people and families every month.

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