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Letter From Our Founders

We are especially devoted to advancing the crucial work surrounding the mental health of young people across the nation. At the core of our mission is the provision of educational opportunities, whether through direct support, scholarships or by facilitating programmes which empower young people to achieve more.


We wish to extend our deepest appreciation to the dedicated individuals working relentlessly within their communities to enhance the lives of young people. From educators, social workers, mental health professionals to luminaries in the fields of heritage and art, their collective efforts significantly enrich our society. It’s an honour for our foundation to support the vital contributions made by these individuals.


We encourage you to explore the links to the projects and organizations we partner with to witness the impactful work being undertaken. These individuals and organisations offer a multitude of ways for you to lend your support; be it through financial donations or sharing your skills and experience.


If their missions resonate with you, we warmly invite you to contribute in any capacity you can.


Thank you for your interest in The Horvat Family Foundation and the causes we champion. Your support plays a crucial role in our collective positive impact.


Petra and Darko Horvat,

Co-Chairs of The Horvat Foundation

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